Multi departments jointly support safety umbrella for wildlife protection in Shanghai, and build a f

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Recently, the joint meeting of wildlife conservation law enforcement was held in Chongming. This is the most popular wildlife protection conference in the functional departments of the city so far. The city's public security, industry and Commerce (market supervision), transportation, network letter, railway, agriculture, legal system, post, culture, procuratorate, court, customs 12 departments, 28 units of the relevant business leaders and nearly 50 people participated in this meeting, The successful convening of the conference will further promote the law enforcement of wildlife protection in our city, and provide an important system guarantee for further cooperation between various departments in our city.

Since 2017, various departments of the Joint Conference on wildlife protection in the city have worked closely with each other according to their duties and responsibilities. The wildlife protection management department has organized 6550 people to carry out special inspection, dismantling more than 700 birds, 860 wild animals and 160 wild birds, snakes and frogs. More than 40 kilograms, 7 cases of administrative cases were investigated, and 10 cases were transferred to public security departments. In addition, we should coordinate and contact the law enforcement departments of the brothers and organize the Shanghai wild animal and plant identification center to carry out the technical support for the law enforcement departments of public security and industry and commerce. In the public security department, there are nearly 50 criminal cases involving wild animal crimes, of which the Chongming district has dealt with the illegal hunting of wild animals significantly. In the case of criminal cases, the Qingpu district has investigated and investigated a case of illegal trafficking of precious and endangered爱上海 wild animals at the end of the year, and seized 274 national protected animals of the state's one or two level, and in the whole country. The investigation of involved cases in the surrounding area completely eradicated the illegal operation of wildlife network, and was rewarded by the Ministry of public security. The industrial and commercial departments and the wild insurance department jointly carried out the double random inspection and the ivory products special inventory activities, which ensured the smooth transition of "orderly stop commercial processing and sales of ivory and products". To support the construction of Chongming ecological island and investigate and deal with the illegal operation of wildlife food in Shennong food and beverage company in Chongming district. The Bureau of Commerce and industry supervision of the city commerce and industry bureau strengthens the supervision of Internet enterprises, and talks about "public comment" and "hungry". The network information department promptly cleared the illegal operation of WeChat information of wild animals and their products, purify the network environment, and help to deal with the removal of WeChat advertisements for illegal operation of wild animals. The traffic departments have checked and checked the illegal transportation of wild animals and their products in the road. The roads in Jinshan, Qingpu and Jiading have been strengthened, and some wild animals, such as the snake frog, have been seized, and the black industrial chain of the transportation and consumption of wild animals has been firmly eradicate, and the traffic import and export main road of the city is strictly adhered to. The railway department actively cooperates with the management department of the wild insurance and the Customs Department to do a good job of the transfer of ivory for the customs of our city, ensuring the safety of nearly 6 tons of ivory products to be transported to the Harbin unified stock place safely.


In addition to strengthening the cooperation with the joint meeting of the original law enforcement conference in the 5 sector, the wildlife protection department has continued to expand the communication links between other relevant departments and gradually expand the circle of friends in the protection of wildlife. In 2017, under the lead of the municipal government law office, the Municipal Forestry Bureau and the Chongming district government worked closely together to promote the establishment of the regulations on the management of the Chongming hunting area in Shanghai. The regulations were formally implemented in May 15th this year. The implementation results are remarkable, and the publicity effect is good. It has effectively protected the bird paradise of Chong Mingsheng Island, and it is also wild to the city. It provides a reference for animal hunting. In 2017, the Shanghai railway transportation Procuratorate, the Shanghai Railway Transportation Court and the public security department closely cooperate with the public security department to efficiently complete the prosecution and trial work of the criminal cases of destroying wild animal resources. Under the guidance of the third branch of the Municipal People's Procuratorate this year, the civil public interest litigation procedure of the illegal hunting case in Chongming is also initiated, and it is active Social publicity has achieved good social benefits. In recent years, the forestry departments and the agricultural departments have strengthened the exchange and cooperation in the field of wildlife protection, and strengthened the information communication of the cases, invited each other to participate in the law enforcement training, and gradually promoted the information sharing in the law enforcement work of land and aquatic wildlife protection, and achieved good results. In the process of combating the illegal trade in endangered wild animals, the competent department of wildlife and the Department of postal and cultural relics should strengthen communication and contact and make up for the management of short board, and have achieved good results in governance.

Shanghai is the only provincial-level administrative region without forest security in China's inland areas. In recent years, the law enforcement of wildlife protection in our city has been carried out well, and the illegal crimes involving wild animals have not been relaxed. This has benefited from the joint meeting system of wildlife protection law enforcement established by various departments in our city. This system is an important magic weapon for the protection of wildlife in our city. In the absence of forest public security, our city has not become an extrajudicial place for the protection of wild animals. All departments work together for the protection of wildlife, build up a safety umbrella, build up a firewall, practice the international obligation to protect endangered species, and build indigenous biodiversity. To protect the barrier and jointly protect the fruits of ecological civilization construction, contribute to the "five centers" of the city and the construction of outstanding global cities.爱上海

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