Focus on ensuring the safety of import expositions

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Yesterday, the Committee of political and Law Committee of the Municipal Committee held an enlarged meeting of all members of the committee to study and carry out the spirit of the four plenary session of the eleven municipal Party committee, to summarize the work of political law in the first half of the year and to promote the work of the second half of the year. Chen Yin, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Secretary of the Municipal Committee of political science and law, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

Chen Yin stressed that the city's political and law system in the second half of the year should be guided by the ideology of socialist political law with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping, and to unify the thought and action to the decision of the Central Committee and the municipal Party committee. We should focus on ensuring the safe and smooth conduct of the first China International Import fair, and fully safeguard political security and social stability. We need to basically complete the comprehensive reform of the judicial system as the starting point to actively and steadily push forward the reform of the political and legal system. We should focus on deepening the special struggle against corruption and eliminating evil, and comprehensively promote the construction of a safer peace in Shanghai. We should aim at improving the level and core competitiveness of cities through service guarantee, and comprehensively promote the construction of a higher quality rule of law in Shanghai.

In the first half of this year, a new breakthrough has been achieved in the comprehensive reform of the judicial system in Shanghai. At present, 2/3 of the reform tasks have been completed, and more than 100 institutional achievements have been formed; the modernization level of the refined and scientific urban governance has been brought to a new level; the 110 police situation in the city's alarm category has fallen by 20.9%, and the number of cases reported for illegal crimes is under the same period. In order to provide a good guarantee for the rule of law for the construction of the free trade test area, the construction of the "five centers" and the "four brands", a new platform for the joint construction of the government and law system in the Yangtze River Delta is set up, and a new pattern of the linkage and integration of the political and legal work in the Yangtze River Delta is created.

The deputy mayor, the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Gong Daoan, the president of the Municipal High Court Liu Xiaoyun, the chief procurator Zhang Bencai of the municipal procuratorate, and Li Wei, the commander of the Shanghai general team of the armed police, attended the meeting.爱上海同城论坛

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