2018 "elf's secret visit night elf - Shanghai botanical garden large series of public science popula

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July 18 (爱上海同城论坛) in the midsummer season of the Shanghai botanical garden, fireflies, bird language cicadas, 2018 "the elves visit the night elf - the Shanghai botanical garden large public welfare science activities" ushered in its ten - year - old birthday.

It is reported that "the elves visit the night elf - the night elf - the large series of popular science activities in the Shanghai botanical garden" will be covenant with the public friends in various ways, such as the classic experience in the Shanghai botanical garden, the public experience of the community and the natural experience of Shanghai.

It is understood that since 2009, the Shanghai botanical garden, relying on the unique and rich animal and plant resources in the garden, has launched a unique creative and new tour experience since the introduction of the "elves to the night elf" at night in the summer period, so that people can reap knowledge and enjoy the pleasure of nature and science. . In the past ten years, the popularity of the activities has been increasing year by year, and the number and scope of participation have been expanded continuously. Thus, the Shanghai botanical garden and Shanghai as the starting point have also promoted the popularization and popularization of this kind of activities throughout the country.

2018 is the 10th anniversary of the Shanghai botanical garden, the night elf of the fairy tale. It is also the 40th anniversary official opening of Shanghai botanical garden. The series of activities of the ELF's secret visit night elf has officially broken through 12000 people. In 2017, the first attempt to walk out of Shanghai and enter Shennongjia was a complete success. 2018 included in the Shanghai science and Technology Commission "Shanghai science and technology innovation action plan".


According to the introduction, the Shanghai botanical garden has a very good ecological environment. There are flowers with clusters of flowers, green shade trees, fresh and pure air, as well as rich and diverse biological resources, such as plants, insects, birds and frogs. At night, when human footsteps were away from them, the elves began their busy lives. Here, you have a chance to see a little hedgehog with a charmingly naive gesture, a head in the grass in front of you, pretending that no one has found it, and a chance to sniff the purple jasmine of the night, in the dense shade of the tree, to reveal its long fragrance, and more opportunity to see the fireflies of the stars. Dancing in the night sky, spreading its rare ray of light.

"The elves's appointment to the night elf" will be guided by the professional knowledge of popular science instructors to visit their tracks and explore the wonderful night of the Shanghai botanical garden, and let the citizens look at the wonders of the insects, animals and plants at night. The role and relationship between objects and other organisms in nature, to discover the beauty and magic of nature.

As one of the important contents of the scientific popularization and dissemination of the Shanghai botanical garden, the 2018 "elf visiting night elf" is one of the important contents of the scientific popularization and dissemination of the botanical garden. In Shanghai, it will be introduced to the community and the public in the two ways of the park and the community edition this year.

In the Shanghai botanical garden, the Shanghai botanical garden is mainly based on the Shanghai Botanical Garden Park, which has been officially launched since June 30th. Every Friday, the day and the day of August, more than 30 fields are expected to be carried out in the middle of August; the community version of the community with the characteristic of the public experience is to go out On the basis of the 8 districts in Shanghai last year, the sea botanical garden has achieved full coverage in 16 districts of the city this year, and carried out a variety of online live broadcasting of about 20 fields. Through the "please come in, go out" and other ways, continue to go out of the Shanghai botanical garden at the same time in the Shanghai botanical garden. Walk into the community, walk into the streets, go to the districts, strive for the whole Shanghai and get out of Shanghai. We hope that through our efforts, we can make the science and the general public close to nature and let the green beautify the city.

2018 "the elves's appointment to visit the night elf - a large series of public welfare science activities" will continue to cooperate with the Wuhan botanical garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in August this year, and continue to try to go out of Shanghai to go out of the nature of the "Shanghai botanical garden of the elves - the Shanghai botanical garden of Wuhan" and "the 30 degrees north latitude of Enshi". Joint examination.爱上海

The Shanghai botanical garden is responsible for plant protectors, technological innovators, scientific communicators, ecological maintainers and horticultural leaders. The application, popularization and dissemination of science and technology is the responsibility and goal of our botanical garden in Shanghai. We sincerely hope that the Shanghai botanical garden, through the continuous efforts, can attract more people and friends to understand and participate in the brand and ecological products of the Shanghai botanical garden through the continuous efforts to push the ecological products of the "elf covenant to the night elves" into the city and go out of Shanghai.  Let the brand and ecological products of Shanghai greening, and make scientific brand and products spread farther and wider. In the botanical garden, we hope to make scientific knowledge, scientific methods, scientific ideas and scientific spirit spread more and more widely and disseminate more and more widely, so as to make the life of the citizens more fulfilling and better in the city, so that the Shanghai botanical garden and its "elves" series of popular science brands and activities have become a service of Shanghai and a cultural brand of Shanghai. A component part.

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