Chanting tea rhyme is intoxicated with Pudong airport. Zen Yixing shows international concern.

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When the three Guqin ensemble was played, the bustling airport suddenly quieted down. Gently touching the strings and playing the piano smoothly, coupled with the tea performance brought by the Han Fu's teacher, brings a Zen meaning to the sultry Shanghai which enters the rainy season.

On the 6 day, in the Yixing exhibition hall of the Shanghai Pudong Airport nostalgic stack, the Yixing Tourism Bureau and the town of lake and xuesha jointly organized a summer tourism promotion, which not only brought the Guqin and tea art, but also brought the most distinctive tourism and food products of Yixing to the Chinese and foreign tourists.

In front of a piece of bamboo sea in the exhibition hall, full screen green and fresh bamboo is seen through the silk cool, many tourists can not help stopping to take photos with Zhu Hai. "This bamboo sea is really beautiful, feeling to the swordsman world," said Mr. Misaki Sato from Japan. "I like the martial arts story very much. I see this bamboo sea feeling there will be an old man who plays the Guqin in the world. Bamboo is the symbol of Gao Jie's quality. I want to go to the Yixing Zhuhai scenic spot to feel it."

Yixing bamboo sea is a national 4A tourist area, with beautiful environment and picturesque scenery, it is an important part of the scenic area of Taihu Yang Enyang. There are the tauzu scenic spots, the beautiful Linggu scenic spots of the combination of the sculpture culture and the karst cave tea state, the Zhang Gongdong, the jade Maidan, and the Yang Meiyuan, chestnut garden and tea garden planted in the barren hills, which make the town of a beautiful scenery and attract people everywhere. In recent years, with the core of the deep oxygen brand, more than 10 deep oxygen theme parks, such as deep oxygen fitness Park, deep oxygen hiking Park, deep oxygen skiing Park and purple sea lavender manor, have been gradually built. Visitors can climb, oxygen, hike, ride, walk, enjoy the flowers, deeply feel every detail of the Lake Father's deep oxygen fitness, and get a more intuitive and profound tourist experience.


As China's capital of pottery, Yixing will be honored as the "five golden flowers" of Yixing pottery. Purple sand, celadon, Jun Tao, fine pottery and painted pottery are also introduced to the site. In the eyes of ordinary people, the purple sand pot is only a爱上海 container, but in the hands of professional tea artists, the purple sand pot is full of tea and Zen culture. The tea artist, who was dressed in Hanfu, brought the classical elegance tea performance. "What kind of tea is this?" It tastes mellow and not bitter! "  Seeing the clear water of the soup in the purple sand pot, the passenger could not help asking. "This is Yixing's local tea, which has a history of 1000 years." The tea artists told the tourists the history of tea culture in Yixing. Since the Tang Dynasty, the Yang Xian tea of the lake has been pushed by Lu Yu for its "beauty, color and taste".  During the Northern Song Dynasty, Su Dongpo called "the tea, the golden sand spring and the purple sand pot" as "the three absolute drinking tea". The Tang Dynasty was known as the imperial tea, and opened the glorious years of Tang Gong tea.

"Yang Xian tea is beautiful, fresh and fragrant, plus the benefits of making tea with purple sand pot. It is sweet and refreshing for tea." Under the ingenious craftsmanship of tea artists, the fragrance of Yang Xian tea permeates the lobby of the airport, and even foreign tourists can't help but think about it. Cameron, an American boy who used coffee, tasted a newly cooked Yang tea and thumbs up. "Compared with our national iced coffee, the astringency of Chinese tea is much less than that of our country, and more is the warm smell of fragrance in the mouth."

In addition to tea drinking, local products in Yixing also attracted a large number of passengers. "Mom, isn't this rice clean?" The child asked questions about the black rice, causing the passengers to laugh. The introduction of the referrals, Yixing folk to use the South candle leaves to produce black rice, the custom of eating black rice is also a long time, to the Ming Dynasty, the medicine scientist Li Shizhen in the compilation of "Compendium of Materia Medica", the method of making Yixing black rice included in it. Black rice, fragrant and glutinous, has a long history of fragrance and endless aftertaste. It has both nourishment and cultural significance.

Just entered the summer period, Yixing Xu she town of Fang Zhuang, lotus leaf field, lotus fragrance, thousand mu of lotus field and rice field far tree, frog rant egret, sunset farmhouse integrated, "ear satiety sound full of cool", at the moment Xu shshe ushered in the most beautiful season. On the same day, Xu She also brought the beauty of Holland to Pudong airport. In the exhibition hall of the homesickness Pavilion, the lotus pond landscape is constructed with lotus flowers and lotus flowers.  Nearby, more than a dozen passengers are participating in the Xu Shefang Zhuang Hetian's painting competition. They use their paintbrush to depict the love for lotus leaf Tian Tian.

On the day of the event, the organizers prepared beautiful tourist souvenirs and colorful online activities. Hundreds of people were "down" on the scene. The tour route was scheduled for Yixing, and many lucky passengers got free tickets to the lake. "I used to know that Yixing is close to Shanghai, but there are not many specific attractions and food. In fact, every city has a place to understand and explore, but it is only a platform for publicity and promotion." Ms. Wang from Beijing believes that today's introduction is worthy of reference, "tea and classical music, with the present words, is a small and fresh literature and art, through the experience of the five senses, it is more real, and more interesting."

It is reported that Yixing has been set up for three months at Shanghai Pudong Airport's nostalgic stalls, with an average of 2000 visitors per day and more than a hundred people in the exhibition hall.爱上海同城论坛

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