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Huang Meixu, director of the center for international education, East China Normal University, said in an interview that it needs to be innovating from the form and connotation to let the international students understand the real China in a subtle way. Chen Jing

Communication: caring for teaching, walking into community, international students in China, multi-dimensional perception of real China

Shanghai, July 7 Xinhua topic: love teaching, into the community in China, international students perceive the real China in many dimensions

China new network reporter Chen Jing

With the continuous improvement of China's international influence, more and more international students come to China to study abroad. Calligraphy, Peking Opera, Taijiquan, Qingming Day, Hanfu and Dragon Boat Festival zongzi.

At the same time, in order to get the students to understand the traditional culture, Chinese universities are trying to create opportunities for international students to perceive the real China in a multidimensional and comprehensive way and to feel the friendliness and hospitality of the people.

It is understood that more than 6000 international students from more than 130 countries and regions in the world are studying at East China Normal University each year. Adhering to the principle of "practicing diplomacy in daily life and putting management into service", the school has achieved fruitful results in the field of international education.

Huang Meixu, director of the international education center of East China Normal University, said in an interview with China new network reporter on 7 days that the traditional customs and cultural backgrounds of various countries are different. The international students are different from the Chinese students. They need to be innovating in form and connotation and let them understand the real China in a subtle way.

Huang Meixu told reporters that, through the course of Chinese history, Chinese culture and other courses, international students have the opportunity to understand Chinese history, culture and contemporary social development and promote the sense of identity in China. At the same time, the school also carries out the social practice of "second classes", and encourages the students to experience the knowledge of the textbooks personally. Understand China's customs, folk culture, and truly "perceive China".

International students take part in Chinese traditional cultural activities. Chen Jing爱上海

From Kyrgyzstan, he is a junior in international Chinese language education at East China Normal University. She told reporters that in Kyrgyzstan, the long and fast growing China has attracted more and more people. Many people want to know the real China. She said that every class in the school taught her to understand Chinese traditional culture from different angles; visiting Confucius's hometown in Qufu, Shandong, and visiting Zhu Geliang in Hanzhoung had made her feel more true to the profound Chinese civilization.

Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region are one of the fastest growing and most closely linked windows to the world, and can not fully represent the current development of China. East China Normal University has created opportunities for international students to come closer to the more authentic Chinese society. According to Huang Meixu, the school has established a good cooperative relationship with many primary and secondary schools in the underdeveloped areas of the inland, and dispatches a number of excellent international students to "love teaching" every year.

It is understood that the love of education not only makes the international students better understand the objective status of the unbalanced development in the East and west of China and its causes, but also let it feel the diligence, enthusiasm and kindness of the Chinese people and the positive mental outlook in contact with ordinary rural people.

Uyangg, from the state of Mongolia, graduated this year. During her college years, she was deeply impressed by the experience of teaching in Jiangxi. Uyoung said she taught the local children to sing and dance, and the children's simple kindness moved her. The young Mongolia girl said that the mountain village supported by her teaching had allowed her to see different sides of China so as to feel Chinese society more comprehensively.

German student Ma Qi Shan is a PhD student studying the history of Chinese party. After taking part in the activities, he wrote in his essay: "I know more deeply about China: a modern city - Shanghai, China; simple, undeveloped country - Wuyuan, and China." "Through the teaching of primary and secondary schools in Wuyuan, I understand the governance pattern of the grassroots in China."

International students go to the countryside to "love the teaching". Chen Jing

The friendship between nations depends on people's blind date. To this end, East China Normal University encourages international students to walk out of the campus and blow the international culture into the surrounding communities. It is understood that over the years, foreign students volunteer to teach cultural courses to Chinese children in primary and secondary schools around the world. From Japan, Yan Lang, an undergraduate student, went to the temporary care center from the big family to accompany the orphans there.

International students who understand Chinese culture and feel the real Chinese society have become ambassadors to spread Chinese culture and convey love. It is understood that many international students who have participated in the education have long been working hard to improve the teaching and living conditions of the children in mountain areas: some organizations raise clothing for their children, study supplies, and some organize love and sale activities. Wade, an exchange student from the United States, returned to support logistics and work study to save money, and launched free examinations of eyesight and glasses for primary school children.

In the interview, he told reporters that, in the future, she was going to return to the country. She was ready to be a Chinese teacher, so that more people could learn Chinese and understand the charm of Chinese culture. She said she would share her learning and life experiences in China with more people.

Urchin Yang, who is going to become a master's degree in Tourism Management at East China Normal University, will go to school to teach children Chinese every vacation. She said that every time a lot of people return home to ask about the situation in China, many people爱上海419同城论坛

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