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In the afternoon of May 1, 2014, a high-rise residential building in Xuhui District, Shanghai City, burst a fire. In the process of fighting, two post - 90s firemen were affected by the bombardment and hot gas wave thrust, falling from the 13 floor and sacrificing heroically. Fudan University Affiliated Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Fudan University, 4, disclosed that one of the firefighters Liu Jie's mother should be in midlife after the funeral of the middle-aged, through the test tube again pregnant, the smooth birth of the daughter in Shanghai.

It is reported that in the year of Liu Jie's sacrifice, he should have bought a wedding room in Shanghai, and the whole family was looking forward to the busy days. However, Liu Jie and his comrade Qian Lingyun died in the fighting. At the age of 39, Yin may become a "lost" mother.

The Political Department of the Ministry of public security followed Qian Lingyun and Liu Jie as the revolutionary martyrs and issued a memorial medal for the national defense. The Shanghai Public Security Committee of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China recognized them as Party members of the Chinese Communist Party and remembered the first class. The Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League awarded them the "Shanghai youth 54 Medal".

A 2910g heavy baby girl was born in his family, medical care team and nearly 10000 fire officers and soldiers in Shanghai. Qian Ye's photography

In order to find the lost son, Yin Mei chose to be pregnant again. However, natural pregnancy is not smooth. In 2017, she went to the Shanghai fertility gynecology and obstetrics hospital, the center for genetic and infertility diagnosis and treatment in Shanghai, to receive assisted reproductive treatment. The embryo transfer was successful in September that year.

Eru, the chief physician and director of the women's family, exclaimed that he was very understanding. For the family, any consolation was pale, and only the children could really give them hope.

Because of the age and the difficulty of small life, Professor Cheng Haidong, the director of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Affiliated Hospital of Fudan University, made a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan for her.爱上海419同城论坛

According to the hospital, high blood sugar and ureteral calculi should allow Yin Mei to be hospitalized for two times during pregnancy. At 22:50 on June 26th, under the cooperation of the obstetrics, anesthesiology and nursing teams, a 2910g baby girl was born in the family, the health care team and the nearly 10000 firefighters in Shanghai.

On the 4 day, holding a baby in the bud, Ying Mei told reporters: "I found this feeling again, holding the feeling of my child and feeling like a mother."

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