Future urban renewal should be close to the user's needs

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The biggest problem in launching this survey is how to mobilize public participation to the maximum extent. "At that time, many questionnaires were spread through WeChat. In order to improve participation enthusiasm, we thought of answering red envelopes." The 408 research team of Tongji University issued a network survey questionnaire through the WeChat group, the WeChat circle of friends and the WeChat public number. 爱上海Within 24 hours, there were 16300 questions.

Many of the questionnaires collected are invalid, which requires screening. Only the IP answer questionnaire in Shanghai was collected, and each IP was answered once to remove the conflicting personal information, the contradiction of answer logic and the short answer time of the answer. "408 research team made a special test. The testers were asked to see the questions and options and answer their questions at their own normal speed. At least 4 minutes were needed to complete all the questions, so all the answers less than 3 minutes were removed." Finally, 5424 valid questionnaires were screened out in all the questionnaires.

How to quantify satisfaction is a difficult problem. The research group was concerned about arriving at traffic mode, residence time and updating satisfaction score. The lower the score of the arriving mode of transportation, the easier it is to arrive at the site, that is, the higher the accessibility of the site. Xu pointed out that the two projects in Xuhui, Binjiang and the sixteen paving old wharf were relatively high in the way of transportation, and the options for "improving traffic accessibility" were also given in the areas that need to be improved. Traffic accessibility is an important indicator of satisfaction. The stay is for the activities, the residence time is short, such as the Huangpu River east shore water space, the Bund Binjiang, Xujiahui Sports Park, the longer stay such as the Bund source, Shangdu Li, sixteen paved old wharf.

On the issue of "most attractive aspects", such as the Bund Binjiang, Huangpu River east shore water space and Yuxin village, which have higher satisfaction scores, the ticket rate of one option is far higher than that of other options, while the lower score of the Yuyuan Road, the micro renewal of the pond bridge and the best practice area of the city are selected on this issue. The distribution of item tickets is relatively average, and there is no case that a certain option gets a big lead. "When a project is done more prominently in one aspect, the renewal satisfaction of the project is often higher. This requires that we fully exploit the characteristics of each renewal project, make effective use and development, and form a clear memory.

According to the results of this survey, Xu Leiqing believes that the urban renewal in the future should pay more attention to the construction and excavation of the characteristics of the project; pay more attention to the renewal of greening and landscape, increase the number of flowers and trees, the rational layout, and set up high quality landscape sketches; pay attention to the maintenance and operation of the later period, the perfection of public facilities, especially the seats. Setting up; communication and interaction between the public and professionals need to be strengthened. "The future renewal project should increase more public participation, make full research before landing and provide custom-made public facilities and support for the people. After landing, we should follow up for a long time and monitor the utilization and satisfaction of all kinds of facilities. Planning should be the management of the whole life cycle. Planning for the common people is not planning by closing doors.爱上海同城论坛

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