Shanghai launched a nationwide chess and card promotion project

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A few days ago, the launching ceremony of the "100 cities and thousands of townships nationwide chess promotion project in Shanghai" was held in Shanghai chess and card Academy.

Shanghai has a long history of chess and card games and excellent chess and card games, including Rong-hua Hu, Chang Hao and Rui. Wei, Qiu Jun, Ni Hua, Wang Pin, Ju Wenjun and so on a large number of outstanding, even epoch-making chess players. At the launching ceremony, nine Grand chess masters, Rong-hua Hu and go? Wei, Xinke chess player Hou Wen shared his understanding in the chess game.

Xu Bin, secretary and director of the Party committee of the Municipal Sports Bureau, expressed the hope that the Shanghai chess and card movement will take the opportunity of "tens of millions of projects" to continue to play the traditional advantages, further integrate social forces, further concentrate resources, let more people pay attention to and participate in chess and card intellectual activities, and strive to create a new situation in the intellectual movement of Shanghai chess and cards.

Dan Xiali, director of the Shanghai chess and card sports management center, introduced the requirements of the Shanghai regional events plan and promotion of "the national chess and card promotion project of hundreds of thousands of townships in the country's hundreds of cities." Shanghai has a long and profound history of chess and card sports and excellent chess and card sports results, and a large number of outstanding chess and card sports representatives have emerged, which is affirmative, and also put forward higher requirements for the future development of chess and card movement in Shanghai.

The ceremony also praised Ju Wenjun, who had just won the 2018 World Chess Championship, and the deputy director of the Shanghai Sports Bureau, Zhao Guangsheng, announced the decision and issued a certificate for Ju Wenjun. Li Wenyong, chairman of Shanghai Jiucheng Financial Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. awarded a 500 thousand yuan bonus to the Ju Wenjun team. "The company will participate fully in the popularization and development of chess, go, chess, international checkers, Gobang, bridge, leisure chess and other items." Li Wenyong said, "at the same time, build a complete training and competition system for youth chess and card, to provide support and service for the Shanghai youth chess and card sports reserve personnel training and the promotion of public participation in chess and card intelligence activities."爱上海

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