The sixth Shanghai lotus flower show opens tomorrow

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Pavilion Pavilion, mountain rock, lake water and lotus lotus are interesting and poetic. The sixth Shanghai lotus flower lily exhibition will be held from June 29th to July 29th in the ancient Yi Garden. Chinese and foreign ancient and modern "famous, special, excellent, strange" lotus, bowl lotus, cold water lily, tropical water lily, mini water lily 3000 cylinders, more than 600 varieties, full of poetic and lotus full of lotus scenery.

The big lawn and its surrounding areas will showcase "lotus in history", "traditional breeding Lotus", "new technology breeding Lotus" and "new variety Lotus". People can not only appreciate the three famous names of "heavy Lotus", "Lotus" "Lotus" "Lotus" and "Lotus" in the Ming Dynasty, as well as the traditional varieties of "red Chiba" "white Chiba" and "Buddha pedestal", as well as the traditional methods of breeding "Yan Yang day", "Sleeping Beauty" "pejiao" "Drunk cup" "stars", as well as the emergence of the early twenty-first Century, the emergence of space breeding, radiation breeding, ploidy breeding, ion implantation breeding technology, "proud Yang drunken" "Oriental red" "rosy clouds".爱上海

The small lawn lilies show area has a variety of cold resistant water lily, with a variety of flowers and leaves, and a double cold resistant water lily variety. In the exhibition area of 800 square meters of bonsai garden, the boutique bowl lotus and mini water lily planted in various kinds of utensils are placed on several shelves, flower windows and scenery stone, showing the variety of birth, primary and crab claw.

During one month's exhibition, the Gu Yi Garden will take lotus lotus as the carrier and series a series of cultural interaction activities. For example, the Xiaolong restaurant in Gu Yi Garden will launch a "Lotus banquet" rich in Shanghai, with the theme of lotus, lotus and lotus. "Five colored small cages", "colourful small cages" and "Lotus small cages" will begin in July. Foreign supply.

In June 29th, in addition to the "supply of water", "provide mobile phone charging interface" and other 12 civilian service measures, the park specially installed more than 100 electric fans in the corridor, in the big lawn, tortoise Island, Yin Pavilion, Jiu Qu bridge set a spray device, to bring some Xu Qingliang in the summer.

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