Good day! It's worth watching a few more times

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At seven o'clock in the morning, I set off to participate in the activity of "Kaida yuan", which is the ten great advantage of Professor Zhang (who once went to Africa lecture) to talk about coenzyme Q10. The purpose is to promote the coenzyme Q10, which is taken by the central head of the Chinese made (export) company, which is sure to be very expensive. Should we use advanced instruments to measure the heart and body constitution? Now experts from various companies that sell health care products are so measured, but some people believe it! I did not take part in the measurement (test), nor did I eat lunch (lunch) for us. It's early to quit!

On the way home, I went to Xue's boss's pet shop to buy cat food and爱上海 fresh meat bags for cats. It spent thirty yuan altogether! Then I changed a car and went back home on the 86 road. It was a little quicker. My wife waited for me to eat. In the morning my son sent a steamed lunch box and four dishes, and my wife had not yet opened it and waited for me to come back. In the afternoon, my daughter called and asked me why I didn't take her mother out. Because there's no picture of her mother on the Internet? I told him I wasn't at home and went to the event. Today, I didn't hear my son and daughter sing "praise me" behind them.

In the evening, we opened the "Party branch activities" group, and saw the message of Zheng Wei in the first place: "Zhu Guoping's" heaven is good "! It's worth watching a few more times. " Later, Zhu Guoping replied, "I didn't write it. I didn't level it to others." Look back on the terrible cold of 1988! Water stop! Cold and frozen! He was unfortunately injured in the leg! I thought it would be good to see a doctor. I didn't expect so many years ago that all the major hospitals in the country had seen it. But he was optimistic for people to forward this article, "good day" to show you, I also feel very good, specially posted in the diary to express his early recovery.

The sky is good, the cloud is scattered, the sunset is the twilight of love; retire off, on the shore, the journey of life another station; picture heart wide, seek health, right and wrong all light; how much money, do not count, live a few years to earn. Beside the willow, on the banks of the small river, the hand puts the fishing rod in a long line; there is no fish and no regrets; happiness and health are the key.

Practicing the song room, practicing songs, singing good songs are not afraid of singing thousands of times; good mood, singing is not tired of; all worries are dispelled. Health, flooding, early and evening outdoors walk two times, old sisters; dazzle dazzle, square dance than curve; twisting Yangko, dance long fan; practice a good body; health care, not health care, not as good as every day exercise

Static and dynamic, often change, TV idle books to see properly; take the pen and ink, take paper ink and inkstone, the four treasures of the literature on the case; first lift the elbow, then the wrist, fly ink like a sword; people are unavoidable, have grudge, a complete break. Learn poetry, read volumes, write spring flowers, write the inner surface, write all stages of life, write spring.

Birds, write autumn goose, spring flowers are full of autumn blooms; say one thousand, Dao ten thousand, sunset is the most demeanor. Play chic, look for romance, it is better to turn around the wife; cut a onion, peel a garlic, help the family do cooking; skillfully, not afraid of slow, a long time is skilled; housework, all will do, all listen to a wife and call; out of a little power,

Sweat, strive to be a male model. A good attitude is the key. Take a wife, go around, visit the temple of the mountains and rivers; draw a sign, laugh full face, give a bright sunshine, old wife; heart charitable, spend a little money for the return wish; for the Sun Tzu, to repay the wish, because of the score line. For the children,

Do not complain, in distress more to persuade themselves; children money, also limited, to him to add a little carbon to the fire pot; although reasonable, and do not argue, aunt and daughter-in-law do not hate; to life, not tired, to contribute to the family.  Old friends, want to meet, can not meet nor regret, feeling deep, not necessarily see, as long as the heart often miss; play WeChat point.

Praise is not to meet each other, but to turn around without turning around. There is always a chance to meet. Out of the door, to guard, careful not to be deceived; the flower one hundred, ten thousand, this is pure and bullshit; not disorderly walk, do not flee, we should not see; all kinds of fraud, all appear, hold the thought of a flash; small cheap, can not occupy,

Don't want to drop gold eggs in the sky. No rumors, no coinage, no chaos to the society; early in the evening, three meals, more food and less meat often eat light; rather lack, indiscriminate, form a good habit of eating; learn to eat, long experience, eat this bowl of longevity noodles; bad hair, fast change, to apologize to the body. Go into the house, live in the temple,

Not as good as two and a half; a lot of sundries; there is a mess, but all the friends are willing to see; the grandson is good, round the knee; every day, the grandfather's companion; the view, the home look, this is a landscape line; walk well, look forward, not necessarily the bank back. No sorrow, no resentment, happiness is achieved in the late years!爱上海龙凤419

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